History of Senet

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EnerTrac Launched

Development begins for heating fuel automatic distribution solution to provide heating fuel delivery cost savings and operational efficiencies to heating fuel dealers.


First Generation

FCC certification received for first generation low cost, low power, long distance, sensor/transmitter nodes and network. Network established with 11,000 sensor nodes communicating.


Second Generation

Network coverage expanded with 26,000 sensor nodes communicating with network. Shipping begins for FCC-certified 2nd generation sensor/transmitters.


George Dannecker

George Dannecker joins EnerTrac, Inc. as CEO. Dannecker brings critical entrepreneurial executive leadership with recognized success in the technology industry.


45,000 Square Mile Expansion

Network coverage expanded to 45,000 square miles coverage, 30,000 sensor nodes communicating with network.


LoRa® Alliance

Development relationship launched with Semtech for LoRa® RF chip-enabled sensor/transmitter. LoRa® Alliance formed to develop a global standard for the LoRa® protocol (LoRaWAN), development partners included Semtech, Microchip, IBM and Cisco among others.


Senet, Inc.

Company renamed Senet, Inc. to focus on public Network-as-a-Service platform for IoT/M2M application solution providers. EnerTrac continues as Senet’s primary application solution and key Senet Network tenant.


Third Generation

FCC certification completed for 3rd generation LoRa® sensor nodes, tower receivers and gateways. Senet Network expands through 2015 to 10s of thousands of sensor nodes, 200 towers, 100,000 square mile coverage.


San Francisco

Senet development network established in San Francisco to facilitate IoT application development for emerging IoT solution providers.

What Does Senet Do?