Low Power Wide Area Networks and IoT Platform Services

What is the Senet Network?

We are the only public provider of Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWANs) with class leading LoRa® modulation for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. We provide low cost, long distance, long range connectivity and IoT platform services for businesses across all industries.

Redefining the IoT landscape

Many of these devices require low-bandwidth connectivity across wide geographic areas with varying terrains. Reliability, range, battery life, bidirectional capability, and low cost are all considerations when managing remote IoT applications. Cellular, satellite, Zigbee et al are cost prohibitive and limited in range, and suited for only a small portion of IoT market.

Until now, there have been a number of barriers to achieving true nationwide IoT connectivity, such as licensing, hardware acquisition, compatibility, reliability, and high risk or minimal ROI. And yet, the demand for IoT is growing rapidly. (Cisco projects $19 trillion in IoT-related revenues by the year 2020. ) It is estimated that 55% of all IoT applications will need long range, low-bandwidth networking.

Senet = Simplicity

Until Senet, cost and complexity were barriers to IoT connectivity. Now, we make it easy for you to get connected with our complete, end-to-end networking and IoT platform services. All you have to do is subscribe. We’ll do the rest.

The Power of LoRa®

LoRa® radio technology enables LPWANs to support low cost, bidirectional mobile communications for low-bandwidth IoT and M2M (machine-to-machine) applications. Senet is part of the LoRa® Alliance, an association whose mission is to standardize and deploy LoRaWAN technology for the global IoT market.

Proven Innovation

The Senet Network has been deployed successfully for EnerTrac, a tank delivery automation platform for the fuel delivery industry since 2009. Senet is ideal for any industry requiring long-distance, low cost data acquisition through smart devices and sensor technology.

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