We are Leading the IoT Connectivity Revolution

We are no longer debating the potential benefits of IoT.  The conversation has shifted to how to deploy, connect and manage IoT devices at massive scale. To get there, we are creating new operating paradigms, innovative business models and partnering with market leading technology partners, both large and small.

We are working with hundreds of disruptive businesses to revolutionize their products and operations by delivering standardized low cost network connectivity exactly where it’s needed, when it’s needed and at the most efficient total cost of ownership.

Why Senet?

A new network approach is needed to deploy, connect and manage low-power, low-cost IoT sensors at scale and we’ve put all of the pieces in place to lead the way.  Our low power network-as-a-service is deployed in over 225 cites across the United States and our unique LoRaWAN network enablement models provide the most flexibility to participate in the global IoT economy.

  • Senet owns and operates the largest public, carrier-grade LoRa™ network in North America
  • We’ve built, deployed and operate a Cloud-based LoRaWAN™ Network Operating System used to speed LPWAN commercialization world wide
  • We are creating a ubiquitous IoT network that allows device placement on any LoRa network with revenue sharing opportunities based on role
  • We are accelerating the commercialization of LoRaWAN applications and devices through an open partner and developer ecosystem