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May 30, 2018
The Modernization of IoT Networks
June 13, 2018

Agriculture is facing countless pressures to evolve. Exponential population growth and the consequent decrease in arable land has led producers to have to do more with less. On top of this, the industry’s digital transformation has stalled as of late, due to lack of internet access and usage, cultural clashes and high upfront costs of technological integration. Promising innovations are starting to arise, such as precision agriculture, livestock monitoring and biotechnology, however, the key to bringing about effective digitalisation within the agricultural sector lies within IoT (Internet of Things).

Connecting the endless numbers of devices that are used in modern farm spaces will be crucial to IoT’s success in the agricultural market and the further modernization of the sector. Current legacy networks are not built for the requirements of such devices. Senet, a founding member of the LoRa alliance, has been a prominent innovator in this sector by offering personalized solutions to connectivity problems across the whole supply chain.

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