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LoRa Alliance All Members Meeting & LoRaWAN LIVE

Start date: February 4, 2019

End date: February 6, 2019

Location: San Diego, CA


Start date: February 5, 2019

End date: February 7, 2019

Location: New Orleans, LA

Mobile World Congress

Start date: February 25, 2019

End date: February 28, 2019

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Past Events


Start date: January 8, 2019

End date: January 11, 2019

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Ag 4.0 Workshop: Modernizing U.S Agriculture

Start date: November 14, 2018

End date: November 15, 2018

Location: San Francisco

Trimble Dimensions International User Conference

Start date: November 5, 2018

End date: November 7, 2018

Location: Las Vegas, NV

WBA Wireless Global Congress

Start date: October 29, 2018

End date: November 1, 2018

Location: London

LoRa Alliance Tokyo Members Meeting and LoRaWAN™ LIVE

Start date: October 23, 2018

End date: October 25, 2018

Location: Tokyo, Japan

FierceWireless NextGen Wireless Networks Summit

Start date: October 17, 2018

End date: October 18, 2018

Location: Dallas, TX

Competitive Carriers Association Annual Convention

Start date: October 1, 2018

End date: October 3, 2018

Location: Orlando, FL

Mobile World Congress Americas

Start date: September 12, 2018

End date: September 14, 2018

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Webinar: Making Smart Decisions with a Carrier grade LoRaWAN™ Network

Date: August 30, 2018

Time: 11:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Three of the LoRaWAN™ ecosystem’s most prolific organizations are coming together to provide an hour of exciting and educational information about the technology and its various uses and benefits. TEKTELIC, Semtech, and Senet will walk you through a LoRaWAN™ network deployment, providing eye-opening insight to the various applications and industries that can be aided in making smart decisions by a carrier grade LoRaWAN™ network.


January 9, 2019

Where Is IoT Headed in 2019?

Where Is IoT Headed in 2019 and which companies are best poised to make a difference in the IoT space this year?  Check out what Senet's […]