Managed Network Services for IoT

The only IoT network management system built by an operator for operators

Managed Services for IoT (MNSi) is a cloud-based “turn-key” M2M network service that enables network operators and other connectivity providers to rapidly deploy LoRaWAN services on their physical assets (towers, buildings, etc.) and offer low power wide area network connectivity to their customers.

Senet supports customers with existing or branded instances of its Network Server and manages the network on the operator’s behalf, reducing resource requirements and cost. Network operators deploy and manage a LoRaWAN Radio Access Network and use Senet’s Network Server and OSS/BSS functionality to onboard customers and facilitate business engagements.

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MNSi enables operators to implement a multi-tenant and multi-vendor solution for a diversified go-to-market and channel strategy. With MNSi you can accelerate time-to-revenue and securely activate and monitor thousands, and ultimately millions, of devices across a broad range of business models.

Features and Benefits


Web-scale for efficient, redundant, and scalable operations


Architected for fault tolerance and high availability


Built in security as a fundamental part of the architecture


Supports scale-up and scale-out without impacting cost efficiency


Interoperable with a wide variety of commercial LoRa gateways