The devices listed on the Senet Marketplace are known to be available for the US915 channel plan and are certified or at various stages of being certified to operate on the Senet network.

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Browan Object Locator Tracker, OLS1

Decentlab Air Quality Station for CO2, NO2, NO, CO

Decentlab Analog or Digital Interface Device for LoRaWAN

Decentlab High-precision pressure/liquid-level and temperature-sensor

Decentlab Pressure/liquid level, temperature and conductivity sensor

Decentlab Pressure/liquid-level and temperature-sensor

Decentlab Soil moisture, temperature and conductivity sensor

Decentlab Soil Water Potential and Temperature Sensor

Decentlab Temp, Humidity with Radiation Shield

Decentlab Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

Decentlab Total Solar Radiation - Pyranometer

Decentlab Ultrasonic Distance/Level Sensor