The devices listed on the Senet Marketplace are known to be available for the US915 channel plan and are certified or at various stages of being certified to operate on the Senet network.

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Marketplace device status.

Netvox R718F2 2-Gang Reed Switch Open/Close Detection Sensor

Netvox R718H2 2-Input Pulse Counter Interface

Netvox R718J2 2-Input Dry Contact Interface

Netvox R718MBA Activity Detection Sensor

Netvox R718N3 3-Phase Current Meter

Netvox R718T2 2-Input Push Button Interface

Netvox RB02I Emergency Push Button

Netvox RB11E Occupancy/Light/Temperature Sensor

Oceasoft Cobalt L3 Temperature/Humidity

PNI Sensor Corp. PlacePod Parking Sensor

Radio Bridge Temperature and Humidity Monitor