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Powering the IoT Revolution

Senet’s connectivity platforms and services are built on a common cloud-based services architecture. Senet’s Network Operating System powers the public network, our Managed Network Services for IoT offering and enables the massive scale of the Senet Low Power Wide Area Virtual Network. The operating system provides extremely efficient, scalable and secure options to connect and manage low-power, low-cost sensors at massive scale.

Senet’s network connectivity platforms and services consists of five major components:

Network Controller

The Network Controller is owned and operated by Senet and deployed as a scalable cloud based resource. The Network Controller is the management and control point for the LoRaWAN network and has multiple functions:

  • Responsible for managing the end devices’ network-related behaviors including RF characteristics and behavior
  • Receives and validates all End Device messages (i.e. deduplication, device identity, message integrity verification)
  • Provides data streaming, delivering the encrypted application data payload to the appropriate Application Controller
  • Provides visibility and control with a flexible set of bidirectional APIs including REST, webhooks, and MQTT, as well as out of the box integrations to popular IoT platforms

Radio Access Network

LoRaWAN Gateways provide the wireless access to the end devices and the IP backhaul to the cloud deployed controllers. Senet offers a number of business models for gateway deployment to enable the rapid build-out of Low Power Wide Area networks wherever they are needed, when they are needed, and at the lowest possible cost of ownership.

Security Controller

The Senet Security Controller is the access control authority responsible for authenticating End Devices. It facilitates network join authorization procedures and generates session keys (a series of AES 128-bit security keys unique to each end device), securing communication from the end devices and the Network Server.

Application Controller

The Application Controller receives end device messages forwarded from the Network Controller, and is responsible for decryption of the messages and provides application-level control of the end devices. The Application Controller is Senet or Application Provider supplied with the operational flexibility to have Senet or the Application Provider host the controller.

Application Provider Portal

The Senet Application Provider Portal provides application visibility to Network Server managed resources. The portal can also be used for end device management, including device registration, device activation and deactivation. The application has access to specific network mapping and system health tools as well as message accounting information assembled on behalf of the application.