Launch IoT services faster and extend your core value with fully integrated asset tracking capabilities

Using sensors, tags and other wireless technologies to track assets and goods is one of the fundamental use cases for the Internet of Things. It is also one of the most impactful, with trillions of dollars of economic value to be generated by asset supply and usage. LoRaWAN provides the ideal characteristics for asset tracking:

  • Long battery life
  • Mobility
  • Low cost, multi-function sensors
  • Flexible geo-location technology: indoor, outdoor, hybrid
  • Low cost networks with strong reach and propagation
  • Ability to deliver hybrid geo-location readings: GPS, WiFi, BLE, etc.

Senet Asset Tracking Services

To help jump start your IoT initiative, Senet provides asset tracking services built on top of its LoRaWAN Core Network Services.


End Device Hardware


Device Configuration and Management


Encryption and Security Services


REST APIs for Application Integration


Network Transport


Data Stream Connectors


Data Warehouse and Analytics


  • Hardware designs to meet multiple use cases (location, temperature, environmental sensing)
  • Senet approved end-device LoRaWAN protocol stack
  • Cloud-based device and device fleet management platform
  • Scalable end-device configuration and lifecycle management including firmware upgrade over the air (FUOTA)
  • Full suite of data aggregation, analysis and presentation tools
  • Contextualized and actionable data for a variety of use cases
  • REST APIs for application integration

Example Use Cases

  • Supply Chain/Logistics (cold storage, pallet tracking)
  • Smart City (mobile asset management, logistics, municipal services)
  • Hospitality (worker safety, mobile asset management)
  • Industrial/Manufacturing (production, asset tracking, inventory management)
  • Healthcare (equipment tracking, inventory management, worker and patient safety)