Carrier-Grade LoRaWAN Network Services
Whitepaper: The Value of Carrier-Grade Network Services for the Delivery of LoRaWAN IoT Services

This whitepaper addresses the need for carrier-grade LoRaWAN network services for critical infrastructure and essential business IoT applications in contrast to other approaches which fail to meet those requirements. 

AMI and Smart City FAQ
FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About Selecting an Infrastructure Platform for Smart Meters, Sensors, and IoT Devices

Senet and MeterSYS are experts in designing, installing, operating, and managing carrier-grade LoRaWAN systems for utilities, cities, and counties across the U.S. If you manage water operations, public works, sustainability and resilience, public safety, or have responsibilities across your community, we can address your questions at both high levels and in-depth.

How IoT Technologies Can Be Leveraged To Get Businesses Back To Work In a COVID World

Senet, TEKTELIC and ADTRAN introduce the TEKTELIC Contact Tracing Solution and discuss how you can use LoRaWAN technology, enterprise network connectivity optimized for distance and accuracy, and cloud-based software for your re-entry programs.

Senet Digital Water Report
Senet: 2020 Enabling Technology Leader in the North American Water Utility Digital Networks Industry

Dave Kjendal, CTO and COO of Senet, joins Walid Khoury of WaterQuestion to talk about LoRaWAN® technology, the LoRa Alliance, and how Senet is leveraging this technology in the water space.

Case Studies
Woodstream LoRaWAN Case Study
Delivering the Future of Smart Pest Control
Case Studies
Chenoa and Senet Partner to Improve Healthcare Safety and Compliance
Case Studies
Monitoring Building Infrastructure in Real-Time to Reduce Cost and Waste from Steam Trap Failures
Launching IoT Podcast
Launching IoT Interview Series

Senet CTO and COO Dave Kjendal speaks about his journey in telecom and IoT, what it takes to build a successful company, the importance of a strong ecosystem, and building a culture of ownership.

Utility and Smart City Webinar
Using LoRaWAN to Automate Water Utility Data Collection and Deliver Contactless Smart City Solutions

Learn about real-world considerations for deploying and operating LoRaWAN networks for Water Utility and Smart City solutions. Best practices and customer examples are provided by leading companies across the LoRaWAN ecosystem.

Senet AMI Webinar
The Evolution of Smart Water Metering in North America: Deploying LoRaWAN AMI with Neptune and Senet

Learn how water utilities are deploying high-density LoRaWAN networks and LoRa-enabled water meters to support AMI initiatives in their water districts.

Podcast: How is the Largest Public LoRaWAN Network Influencing IoT Adoption?

Noelani McGadden, VP of Strategic Accounts, discusses the role Senet plays in the IoT industry and how the company’s approach to building LoRaWAN networks is influencing adoption of applications.