Network-as-a-Service (NaaS)

Senet owns and operates the largest public, carrier-grade LoRa network in North America

We help customers across hundreds of vertical markets stay competitive with a low-risk, robust ecosystem that delivers the data they need to make fact-based business decisions. What does this mean for businesses and developers? The Senet Network enables you to realize all the advantages of the coming IoT market revolution. You’ll enjoy freedom from the constraints of expensive, geographically limited networks, and an unprecedented ROI on your products and services.

With a focus on strategic and large-scale LoRaWAN network and solution deployments, customers can take immediate advantage of existing public network coverage and work with us to create hybrid public/private networks where and when you need them.

Wholesale Connectivity for Device OEMs and System Integrators

Join the services economy and generate new revenue streams for your business! Senet offers wholesale network capacity allowing you to bundle LoRaWAN connected devices with your product or solution.

Benefits of Our Network


Low cost

Lower than cellular, WiFi, and satellite.

Bidirectional communication

Sensors (data), actuators (control), battery powered and always-on devices.


Long range

Greater than 15 miles rural and 5 miles urban.

Built-in security

Using AES-128 CCM, privacy, authenticity and message integrity are assured end-to-end.


Long battery life

10+ years from AA battery.

Dynamically optimized performance

Fastest data rates, shortest time-on-air, and densest device deployments.



A small, cost effective package delivered on an easy subscription basis.

LoRa® alliance community ecosystem.

Open standards for worldwide interoperability.


Best-in-class interference and noise immunity

LoRa® modulation and flexible channel plans.

Back office support

Proprietary tools for customer mapping, analytics, and system health.


Fixed, nomadic, and mobile device support