Timeline of Innovation

IoT Connectivity Reimagined

With a multi-year head start over competing LPWAN providers, disruptive go-to-market models and critical technical advantages, Senet has become a leading IoT connectivity provider with recognized expertise in building and operating Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWANs)

  • 2009EnerTrac Launched

    Fuel dealers benefit greatly with IoT technology by improving profits and asset manageability through the implementation of smart automated technology. EnerTrac tank monitoring solutions eliminate the need to make unnecessary fuel delivery trips, saving customers an average of 30% on fuel delivery costs.
  • 2010First Generation

    FCC certification received for first generation low cost, low power, long distance, sensor/transmitter nodes and network. Network established with 11,000 sensor nodes communicating.
  • 2012Second Generation

    Network coverage expanded with 26,000 sensor nodes communicating with network. Shipping begins for FCC-certified 2nd generation sensor/transmitters.
  • 2014LoRa® Alliance

    Development relationship launched with Semtech for LoRa® RF chip-enabled sensor/transmitter. LoRa® Alliance formed to develop a global standard for the LoRa® protocol (LoRaWAN), development partners included Semtech, Microchip, IBM and Cisco among others.
  • 2014Senet, Inc.

    Company renamed Senet, Inc. to focus on public Network-as-a-Service platform for IoT solution providers. Focus on strategic network deployment supporting larger scale LoRaWAN connectivity and partnership driven go-to-market. EnerTrac continues as Senet’s primary application and key Senet Network tenant.
  • 2015Network Server (OSS/BSS) Investment

    First LPWA network operator to recognize that owning and operating the Network Server (OSS/BSS) was critical to controlling the costs of providing low-cost IoT connectivity at mass scale. Internal development creates the perfect balance between scalability, functionality and cost.
  • 2016The Senet Foundry

    Senet introduces The Foundry, a full suite of training, development and technical consulting services to help developers create and launch LoRa®-compliant IoT products quickly and efficiently.
  • 2016Fastest Growing LPWAN in North America

    Expansion of network to 10 additional major metropolitan areas of the US. Fastest growing LoRaWAN network covers 225 cities and 23 states and a population of nearly 50 million people.
  • 2017Managed Network Services for IoT

    Commercial introduction of Managed Network Services for IoT (MNSi), a cloud-based OSS and BSS software platform to enable network operators to rapidly deploy LoRaWAN services on their physical assets and outsource network and device management to Senet. MNSi is the first and only IoT network management system built by an operator for operators.
  • 2017LPWAN Virtual Network

    Senet introduces global LPWAN Virtual Network (LVN) comprised collectively of public and hybrid public/private LoRa networks, positioning the company to become the global leader in LPWAN connectivity.